With its glorious history, convenient location and social advantages, Istanbul has been the coveted city for centuries. Yet, unbridled urbanization and its logical outcome, which is awful traffic, have pushed its residents to look elsewhere to satisfy their yearning for nature, and green pastures. So, is it possible to give your lungs the full-oxygen treatment they deserve without travelling hundreds of miles from the city? Yes it is! Here are the 8 top spots for fresh air on the Asian side of Istanbul!

Aydos Forest

The Aydos Forest is one of the first places that comes to mind when one looks for a place to get plenty of oxygen on the Asian side. A trip to the Aydos Forest gives you a respite from the chaos of the city and envelopes you in an atmosphere of calm and tranquility. Each season lends a unique beauty to the place. Located in the middle of districts such as Pendik, Kartal and Sultanbeyli, the Aydos Forest also has the Aydos Pond and the Aydos Hill. While getting plenty of oxygen, you can also have whale of a time on the designated picnic areas. You can also go for a hike or trek to help rejuvenate your spirits.

Hidiv Pavilion

Hidiv Pavilion is the place for you if you are looking for a trekking spot surrounded by nature and beautiful scenery and also want to get plenty of oxygen. Here, you can breath in the salubrious sea air and fill your lungs with oxygen at the same time. You will also get to see the palatial that is also called the Hidiv Pavilion, situated in the midst of a sprawling grove boasting huddles of trees with a tag showing their lineage.


Located in the Beykoz district of Istanbul, Polonezköy, though being close to the city, has none of that city feel we all seek to get away from. So if you are saying “I want to be at a nice, green place that is full of oxygen which is not far from the city”, Polonezköy is just the ticket for you! In this scenic village where the Poles once lived, you can do various activities while breathing in the magnificent smell of pine trees. You can do sports, have delicious breakfasts and enjoy nice meals in this place equipped with pleasant trekking and hiking trails.

Fenerbahçe Park

Fenerbahçe Park in Kadıköy received its name from a lighthouse (English for ‘fener’) that was in the area in 1562. But that is not the entire story behind Fenerbahçe Park. Fenerbahçe Park features remnants of palaces from the time of the Eastern Roman Empire making it not just a spot for clean air but also a historical experience. Here, you can watch the sunset, have a picnic and breathe in the oxygen. And do not forget to see the 150-year-old mastic tree in the park as well as the reenactment of the movie Küçük Hanımefendi (Little Miss)!

Mihrabad Grove

Founded on a hill dominating the Bosphorus during the reign of Mahmud I, this grove is home to many trees and plant species such as cypress, sycamore, redbud and umbrella pine. In the spring months, the smell of laurels and brooms waft through the air making for an olfactory feast. Today, it offers many modern amenities such as playgrounds, jogging tracks, resting areas, recreational areas and a buffet.

Princes’ Islands

Located on the southern shores of the Asian side, the Princes’ Islands consist of nine islands, large and small. Of the nine islands, five of them have settlements, namely the Büyükada, Heybeliada, Burgazada, Kınalıada and Sedef Islands. And of these five islands, Büyükada and Heybeliada are the most popular tourist spots. Both islands have a great atmosphere. If you wish to have a pleasant walk or a bike ride among historical houses and various kinds of trees, you must visit the Princes’ Islands!

Kaymakdonduran Recreational Forest

The Kaymakdonduran Recreational Forest in Beykoz is one of the quiet and pleasant picnic areas of Istanbul. This forest is the perfect spot for those who wish to have an airspace free from honking horns. Here, the forest air is quite beautiful and relaxing. Extra care is taken to keep this forest clean and tidied up.

Beykoz Grove

The ideal spot for getting away from the chaos of the city and getting plenty of oxygen, the Beykoz Grove is also called the Abraham Pasha Grove. The grove is a favorite among Istanbulites. It has five ponds, bird houses and palace ruins.

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